Since Dream Come True is mostly a volunteer organization, we are always looking for hard working, committed people to help.  Each volunteer must submit a volunteer form and $10.00 for a background check.  Any volunteer that will be helping with the children must have a background check completed. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

Referral Committee  -  Volunteers work in pairs where they are responsible for interviewing a child who has been determined medically eligible for a dream.  The interview process takes place in the child’s home.  The volunteers prepare a report about the child and their dream request which is sent to the board of directors for approval. 

Fulfillment Committee  - Volunteers work in pairs to fulfill the child’s dream.  The committee meets once a month to assign the approved dreams and discuss those that are in process.  This committee consists of dedicated people who are responsible for actually planning the fulfillment of the dreams.

Special Events  -  Many times throughout the year organizations or business will hold an event to benefit Dream Come True and ask us to supply the volunteers.  Events such as plays, golf tournaments, car washes and others.  

Volunteer Form



  • Lehigh Valley Raiders Booster Club
  • Dries Building Supply
  • Fearless Fire Company Small Games of Chance
  • Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom -…

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6 Simple Steps to Granting a Dream

We request a letter with the child’s name, age, address, telephone number, parent’s name and the child’s diagnosis. We forward a medical authorization to the parents for signature and doctor information.
To determine the child’s medical eligibility, Dream Come True, after receiving a medical authorization from the parents, contacts the child’s medical team. The child’s medical team completes our medical determination questionnaire which is reviewed by Dream Come True to establish if the illness is a medical diagnosis that is life threatening or has seriously altered their lifestyle. Doctors verification determines a child’s eligibility.
Once a child is deemed medically eligible, two of our dream team volunteers meet with the family in the child’s home. At this meeting the children use their imagination to create the experience of a lifetime. Their dream is born!
The dream team prepares a report to present to our board of directors about the child and their dream for approval.
After board approval our team of volunteers work on fulfilling the dream.
To refer a child please see our on line form under the tab Dream Services menu Referral Form

We are incredibly thankful for the kindness, compassion, and love that Dream Come True showered on our family during our daughter's illness. Dream Come True entered our family's life when our daughter Sarah was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 5 - a crushing blow that left our family heartbroken and terrified.

Taking a trip to Disney is a dream come true for Kieran.Our family had a blast ! Give The Kids the World was a amazing place to stay. There was so much to do there . The accommodations and food were very welcoming.

Ben was diagnosed with ALL-PreB just two weeks before his second birthday. When he completed his treatment, Dream Come True provided the most amazing trip to Florida that I could imagine.