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Dream Calendar

2015 Events:

March 3rd       Wine and Food Night at Roosevelt's 21 in Bethlehem

April 18th         Ranger Lake Fishing Day for our dream children - invitation only

May 2nd           Petersville Fishing Day for our dream children  -  invitation only

May 17th         Ride or Stride

Aug. 16th         Tara's Angels 5K - Lehigh Parkway Allentown 9 am

Sept. TBA       Pepsi Golf Tournament - 1:00 PM - Locust Valley

Oct TBA            2016 Calendars available

 Dec. 7th        Annual Telethon on RCN Channel 4 - RCN Studios



2015 Donation Close to $8,000

Thank you to those who donated a vehicle

and to Allentown Auto Auction!
Do you have a car you would like to get rid of?  Our Donate a Car Program helps you get rid of a car and also help a charity also.  Whether the car is working or not Allentown Auto Auction will accept your car for auction.  The money raised at the auction is donated to Dream Come True.  Since Allentown Auto Auction instituted this program in 2006, they have raised over $50,000 for Dream Come True.  Call 484-375-0047 or go to their website www.allentownautoauction.com for information on how to donate.  "Your donation is tax deductible and will benefit each donor differently.  Check with your tax advisor to see how this tax deduction may benefit you."